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till all are one.
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SAO OC Outfit by Magicgirl16 SAO OC Outfit :iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 1 0 PNGapp by Magicgirl16 PNGapp :iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 3 1
Just Watch Me Go! Chapt 3
Chapter 3
Evening of Day One (last time I’ll write this thing for a while)
Roxie and Kirito ran for quite a long time, their long legs made the journey go by quickly. They ran over dirt, rock and fallen tree, past many upright trees’ Roxie could care less about what they were pixelated copies of. It was dark when they went into the forest thanks to the leaf cover and soon was darker for the pixel sun had gone down. By then, the two travelers had made it more than halfway to Horunka Village. When it was at last to dark to make safe travel and the two were exhausted, Kirito lead the two to a safe zone, a small-to-medium sized clearing surrounded by trees. 
Kirito and Roxie gathered rocks and wood together then set up the camp, which was really easy and the words ‘set up the camp’ are sort of unneeded, since all they needed to do was to bring the sleeping bags out of their individual Storages and then after the 10-15 second wait they appeared. The two teens pl
:iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 0 0
Just Watch Me Go! Sword Art Online Fanfic Chap: 2
Chapter 2
Day 1
The next thing she knew, Roxie was part of a large crowd, all forced into one large space; an arena. As she stood there more were appearing around Roxie by the second. Turning around she looked at all the people and started feeling crowded and a bit claustrophobic. As she swallowed she noticed her bow wasn't in her hands and she quickly looked in her inventory. Roxie sighed with relief. Everything she just bought was in there safe and sound.
“What on earth is going on?” she muttered to herself. Then, glancing around, something high above the girl managed to catch her attention. High up in the sky there was a red shape with the word WARNING on it as it flashed. Other people quickly noticed and soon everyone was looking up.
Suddenly more of them appeared and covered in the sky in blood red. Then, while she and everyone else watched in shock, a huge cloaked monster - or it could have been a person? - formed out of what seemed like goo; or blo
:iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 1 0
Transformers High Roxie's Story Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Roxies P.O.V
For the next two and a half weeks I stayed under the radar
of everyone in my school. I wasn’t just keeping my nose out of trouble though;
I was carefully watching everyone. Because something my dad said Friday stuck
in my head.
forget to really get to know the characters.’

It gave me the perfect idea. I know what’s going on thanks
to Sunny (that’s the name of the girl from before). I called her after my first
class on Saturday and we quickly became phone friends (much to my parents’ joy
and my slight annoyance at their reactions. You’d think I was an anti-social
teen or something…). I know the same stuff Sunny knows but that’s just her side
of the story; her opinions. And while being Neutral is fine; most of the
Neutrals in the school are too scared or into their own lives to talk to me or
do much. And I think they have good reason. The Autobots might <i>
:iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 1 3
Just Watch Me Go! Sword Art Online Fanfic Chap: 1
:iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 1 0
Just Watch Me Go! Sword Art Online Fanfic
"You got the Nerve Gear Helmet?!" the two eldest
siblings in the Drake family cried out their shock in unison, as their parents
pulled the large box out of its bag. The two younger children heard that and in
curiosity, moved closer to see as well. Together they almost blocked the box
from view and started knocking over the youngest children while doing
so. They quickly froze and apologized though, seeing the look the eldest shot
at them.
"Yep! Since you kids have been doing so well lately, both in
your school work and house work," the father said smiling; though if it
was from the scene he just saw or the happiness his kids showed it was hard to
tell. "Your mother and I decided to buy everyone a gift. But
that'd cost too much so we bought this."
The kids laughed and giggled and the mother, from her
place on the couch next to the box, then spoke. "This is just like with
the Wii 3. You all take turns and if we hear any fighting it is turned off
:iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 2 0
1OC Girls002-1 by Magicgirl16 1OC Girls002-1 :iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 1 1
I am a Author
1. Are you new to beta reading?
I have never been Beta’d. Unless having my
sister read some of my chapters before publishing them count.
2. Your age (optional):
I’m near 20. 
3. Genre(s) – Please be specific to pieces you want beta read:
Right now I’m writing Fanfiction stories to
help train myself and for the fun of it. Here’s the series I’m writing/need
Beta help. (PS, I’m not quite what genre’s these all fit in but all have Action
and the last one is Magical Girl Anime)<o></o>
1.Bionicle (soon also a Hero Factory/Bionicle
2.Transformers (Generations, Animated, Bay
3.Star Wars the Clone Wars
4.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5.Shugo Chara (soon!)
There’s also this one story I’m thinking of writing to put on here that’s not
FF. It’s a fiction, romance (T love, no adult stuff just hand holding, kissing, hugs
and sappy romantic excha
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Chibi Chase by Magicgirl16 Chibi Chase :iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 2 5
T F H igh R oxie's S tory C H-2
Chapter 2
"Mom! Dad! Why are you laughing?"
Roxie stared at her parents from across the table. They were laughing like everything she had just told them was the biggest joke they had ever heard. They were laughing so much, that they were getting short of breath. Roxie felt a vein pulse, and her hands clench and unclench. ~…They're asking for cold water on their faces! How is anything I said this funny?~
It was 10 minutes later when they finally stopped laughing their guts out. Roxie glared at them as they wiped their eyes, and then stood up. "Well, since you think the fact the school you two put me in is at war with itself, I'll just leave." She said angrily and turned.
"No! No no wait." Her mother said, still laughing. Roxie stopped and turned around, arms crossed. Her mom took some deep breaths and then leaned back into the chair. "That was…the best laugh I've had in years. Thank you, Roxie."
"Yes, thank you dear."  Her father added, not noticing he
:iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 1 7
T F H igh R oxie's S tory
:iconmagicgirl16:Magicgirl16 2 3


Day 1372. Pupsicle by Cryptid-Creations Day 1372. Pupsicle :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,701 119 'Sweet friends', handmade sterling silver pendant by seralune 'Sweet friends', handmade sterling silver pendant :iconseralune:seralune 145 78 second char for a pp by Vamp1r0 second char for a pp :iconvamp1r0:Vamp1r0 176 8 Stranger by ChieuMua Stranger :iconchieumua:ChieuMua 150 23 Ashra by DiegooCunha Ashra :icondiegoocunha:DiegooCunha 139 2 Sparkly Dress Designs - sold by Nahemii-san Sparkly Dress Designs - sold :iconnahemii-san:Nahemii-san 177 31 Fantasy Outfit #5 - Auction closed by Nahemii-san Fantasy Outfit #5 - Auction closed :iconnahemii-san:Nahemii-san 481 40 Fashion Adoptable Auction 22 - CLOSED by Karijn-s-Basement Fashion Adoptable Auction 22 - CLOSED :iconkarijn-s-basement:Karijn-s-Basement 552 8 Outfit design - 194  - closed by LotusLumino Outfit design - 194 - closed :iconlotuslumino:LotusLumino 721 30 Outfit design - 193  - closed by LotusLumino Outfit design - 193 - closed :iconlotuslumino:LotusLumino 650 22 (CLOSED) Adoptable  outfit Auction  - 4 by JawitReen (CLOSED) Adoptable outfit Auction - 4 :iconjawitreen:JawitReen 375 6 :: Adoptable Silver Outfit: CLOSED :: by VioletKy :: Adoptable Silver Outfit: CLOSED :: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 914 54 :: Commission Mar 04: Outfit Design :: by VioletKy :: Commission Mar 04: Outfit Design :: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 347 10 :: Adoptable Lapislazuli: AUCTION CLOSED:: by VioletKy :: Adoptable Lapislazuli: AUCTION CLOSED:: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 504 19 :: Adoptable Turquoise Outfit:  AUCTION CLOSED:: by VioletKy :: Adoptable Turquoise Outfit: AUCTION CLOSED:: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 622 30 .::Outfit Adoptable 22(CLOSED)::. by Scarlett-Knight .::Outfit Adoptable 22(CLOSED)::. :iconscarlett-knight:Scarlett-Knight 892 11


Sooo summer is long over. It wasn't as horrible as I was expecting it to be but eh. And now with October almost over, I'm looking forward to November and doing NaNoWriMo, for real this time.

I have a great story, I just need to write out details and be ready for the torture I'm going to put myself through. I just wish/hope I can print out a calender with funny stuff on it for Nov.


Magic/Razor Wing/Roxie
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a true blue Manga lovin, dancin, tv watchin, story writing, anime show follower, anime hot guy crushin (Ikuto!), fairy beliving, Fiction Lovin, Book reader, video game playin, day dreamin, Autobot.… Please read my stories!

My name is also Razor Wing. I have both my Creators and five younger siblings. I also have one cousin named Speed Strike though I don't see her much thanks to this war. I'm a warrior though my family tried to talk me out of it.

I have a few weapons since its better to be well rounded in my mind. I can use my speakers as powerful Sound Blasters, and have two handguns which can switch from Stun to Maim with a thought. They also have a alternate form. I also hold a few bombs in my subspace, but don't tell anyone. I am a new femme on the great Optimus Primes' team on my new home, Earth.

And...I have a big secret.


My name is Speed Strike. I'm a orphan and I am the new fighter on Team Earth with Optimus Prime in Detroit. Megatron has been put in one of the top prisons and I doubt I'll see much action while I'm here.

I'll just hang around, talk to my best friend Jazz over the comm-phone, and wonder why one of the Autobots here on Earth give me the sense that I either know him, or met him somewhere before...
Put this on your
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---██--- you're a Christian



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